Not only do we provide plant & tree healthcare products, we also know what it takes to run a successful tree care business. Nye’s Tree Services is the largest tree care company in Weber County, UT. With our tree care service experience, we can offer you the products and resources needed for successful plant healthcare in your own landscapes.

Tree Diseases

In a natural setting, diseases play an important role in ecosystem health and most forests could not survive without them. In the residential setting, where we are often dealing with individual trees rather than entire populations, diseases can and, in many cases, should be treated or prevented to ensure the health of your trees..

Insects & Mites 

Insects are amongst the most diverse and successful group of organisms on the planet. There is an estimated 900,000 to 1,500,000 species worldwide, making up a staggering 80-89% of all named animal species. As insects infect trees in our residential areas it will require proper diagnosis and treatment, be sure to contact Nye’s Tree Service at the first sign to consult with a tree care specialist.

Growth Control 

Utilized by large utility companies to keep trees out of power lines, largely ignored by homeowners until it is too late. Nye’s Tree Services can help you better understand proper placement, tree types and growth rates to maintain a beautiful landscape for years to come.


Soils play a crucial role in the health of trees. Often times, a tree is stressed and weakened from poor soils before it is ever affected by a diseases or pest. Understanding the soil issue and applying the right cultural and treatment strategy is important to improving the health of the tree.