Landscape BARK mulch Delivery in Davis & Weber County, Utah

Add a finishing touch to any of your Ogden or Layton landscape projects with bark mulch available for delivery from Nye’s Tree Service. Landscape mulch lasts for a long time and this durability makes it an excellent choice for your yard. Bark mulch will help your soil maintain moisture, your roots will be protected from extreme temperature changes and you won’t have to aerate your garden as much. Mulch will keep the weeds and pests at bay, which will make your plants thrive.

If your landscaping requires a lot of bark mulch, Nye’s Tree Service’s Ogden and Layton bulk landscaping mulch order will be your best option. We are currently offering $40/yard deal and our delivery service varies by your location. Get a free estimate today and call 801-710-0992 or stop by our location in South Weber for pick up - 2580 E 6550 S Uintah, Ut 84405

How Much Landscape Mulch Do I Need?

1 yard of mulch will cover a 10x10 area with 3” of mulch.